Tony Cragg in the Garden

Tony Cragg‘s upcoming exhibition – curated by Eike Schmidt and Jon Wood – will be held until 13th October in the Boboli Gardens of the Palazzo Pitti, Florence. The exhibition gathers significant large-scale works by the renowned sculptor.
The heart of Tony Cragg’s work is inspired by the phenomena that generate matter, with results of an almost late Baroque virtuosismo and with a strongly tactile component. The artist emerges as one of the figures most open to experimenting with the technical and formal potential of plastic arts.

Thus the Boboli Gardens will become a crucial step in the artist’s creative drive exploring the relationship between the work of art and the public space, a theme that has catalysed the artist’s interest in recent years. In the Boboli Gardens Tony Cragg is again investigating the natural element, as, on the one hand, elements of Minimalism, memories of the Futurists’ dynamism and the aesthetic of the machine are among the artist’s most obvious sources of inspiration, on the other, the result is intensely organic, a hymn to matter-Nature and its inexhaustible life force.