The exactness of the future past

The young Bolognese engraver Francesco Casolari is among those artists who currently best express the concept of accuracy. Casolari was introduced to this ancient technique by his maternal grandmother who, in the afternoons after school, encouraged him to etch his first plates using the drypoint technique.
His works represent some of the most significant cities of our planet, set in a kind of futuristic medievalism. The painstakingly described architecture is always surrounded by exotic lush vegetation, while the sky is full of spaceships piloted by fantastic extravagant beings. His settings are so overflowing with details that at first glance some elements are likely to pass almost unnoticed. The philosophy behind his creations is extremely positive: in his imagination the future is not catastrophic at all, on the contrary, in our metropolises millenniaold traditions and futuristic technologies live together in perfect harmony. His is an architectural design of fantasy that is ironic and surreal that teases the imagination of the observer, leading it into distant times and places.

In his works everything is studied literally down to the millimetre and nothing is left to chance. The etching, allowing no room for error, requires the artist to follow the tracing with absolute deliberation, to be as accurate as possible. In fact, Francesco takes hundreds if not thousands of hours to complete each job. His studies in Architecture and a degree in Fashion Design have naturally influenced his personal style, with which he interprets the theme of the urban landscape. This path has allowed him to develop the idea that Architecture, Design, Fashion and Art are all united by the presence of materials, shapes and colours that must be put together in a scientific manner, through a design method. It is precisely with this rigorous spirit that he approaches each of his works.
Thanks to Francesco exactness becomes Art.