Lilliputian Hallucinations

La Luz De Jesus Gallery is pleased to present Lilliputian Hallucinations, a group exhibition – that will be held from 6th to 29th September – featuring works by Ana Bagayan, Guy Colwell, Raul D’Mauries, Riffblast, Michelle Avery Konczyk, and Aaron Marshall.
Lilliputian refers to the “little people” who lived on the island of Lilliput in Jonathan Swift’s 1726 work of fiction, Gulliver’s Travels. For the purpose of this exhibition, the artists have been asked to work in a miniature scale while maintaining the integrity of their life-size (and larger- than- life) narratives.

Among the exhibited artists we point out the presence of the italian Riffblast. Born and raised in Bologna, he starts with religious chromo-lithographies with which then he alters by using water-based acrylics. He interpolates present-day icons meant to elicit the familiar and the sarcastic, but the message dives much deeper into the psyche of consumerism and corruption that he experiences in our Country.
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