• A journey into Sanlorenzo’s shipyards

    A journey into Sanlorenzo’s shipyards

    • 02/09/2019
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    Sanlorenzo, one of the world’s leading producers of yachts and superyachts, in conjunction with Biennale Arte 2019, is proud to present the “Naviganti exhibition. A journey into Sanlorenzo’s shipyards” on display from 31 August to 02 November in Venice at “Sale De Maria” in the Casa dei Tre Oci, a privileged campus for the formulation [...]

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  • The exactness of the future past

    The exactness of the future past

    • 05/10/2018

    The young Bolognese engraver Francesco Casolari is among those artists who currently best express the concept of accuracy. Casolari was introduced to this ancient technique by his maternal grandmother who, in the afternoons after school, encouraged him to etch his first plates using the drypoint technique.
    His works represent some of the most significant cities [...]

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  • Bigger Art for a smaller World

    Bigger Art for a smaller World

    • 20/09/2018
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    Sanlorenzo Yachts is paying homage to the maestro Emilio Isgrò by putting the 1968 Odysseia work on display at Art Basel in an exhibition designed ad hoc by the architect Piero Lissoni.
    Inside the VIP lounge in the heart of the famous art exhibition a place of honour has been reserved for an artist who [...]

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  • A question of point of view

    A question of point of view

    • 20/06/2018
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    My-Best Maeght

    The internationally renowned British artist Patrick Hughes creates artistic optical illusions. His “reverspective art” comes from pictures that seem to be moving, or rather, they follow the movement of the observer. The work consists of truncated painted cubic cones: walking around them you can see the different perspectives depending on the angle where you [...]

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  • Accidentally Wes Anderson, film architecture

    Accidentally Wes Anderson, film architecture

    • 08/06/2018
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    Pastel shades, facades and a disturbing symmetry: these are the aesthetic hallmarks of Wes Anderson’s films.
    Locations that seem fake but which really exist and are collected on Instagram.
    @accidentallywesanderson is a profile that collects shots of places around the world that seem to have come out of his films. In just a few [...]

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  • A jewel for the ceiling

    A jewel for the ceiling

    • 29/05/2018

    Michael Anastassiades, the London-based designer of Cypriot origin has created Arrangements, a lighting system presented at the last Euroluce – Salone del Mobile.Milano in collaboration with FLOS, a leading company in the field of high-end residential and architectural lighting. Midway between a work of art and a design object, Arrangements is a modular [...]

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  • Louvre Abu Dhabi by Jean Nouvel

    Louvre Abu Dhabi by Jean Nouvel

    • 28/05/2018
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    There is something magical in the spaces of the Louvre designed by the French Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel; an intriguing story that unites a recognizable fabric with a never-explicitly-declared past. Nouvel has imagined not only a museum but also a new way of conceiving exhibition spaces by using the “Arabian medina” system as a [...]

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  • Zeitz MOCAA Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

    Zeitz MOCAA Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

    • 24/05/2018
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    The Zeitz Museum is a precious treasure chest created with the ambitious intention of presenting and safeguarding the largest collection of contemporary African art starting from the early twenty-first century.
    Built in the heart of Cape Town on the Victoria & Alfred waterfront, an area packed with historical references, industrial archeology and typical buildings, this [...]

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  • The world in a click

    The world in a click

    • 20/05/2018
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    The young Bolognese filmmaker Giuseppe Oliverio has created a beautiful project entitled the Photographic Museum of Humanity. It is an online platform that allows photographers selected from all over the world to exhibit their work. This wonderful idea developed following an equally magnificent experience: a trip to South America. We asked the creator some questions [...]

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  • Race against time

    Race against time

    • 20/04/2018
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    Giulio Delvè, Neapolitan by birth but a Berliner by adoption is a young artist who devotes his research to the investigation of reality and of everyday life: he looks at everything around him with a close and critical eye. After having lived for two and a half years in Berlin, he decided to return to [...]

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